Stiff Neck Remedies – Treat Neck Pain At Home

You want to treat a stiff neck at home, but don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to visit a chiropractor.

Here are three home remedies to treat that nagging cervical neck pain.

   1. Neck Stretches

When’s the last time you stretches your neck? A tight neck cause a sore neck, and upper back pain as well. You cannot neglect stretching your neck.

  • Wall Stretch – Stand straight up against a wall with your back facing it. Turn your arms so the palms face forward, but keeping the arm against the wall. Then, tuck your chin in while pressing the back of your head against the wall. You should feel a stretch along the back of your neck.stiff neck
  • Lateral Neck Stretch – Again, with your palms facing away from you, turn your head to the side, then down towards your shoulder. Tilt your head sideways towards the shoulder you are looking at. Stretch both sides of your neck.

Repeat these stretches for 10-15 seconds for several times throughout the day, and you should feel your tight neck muscles start to relax. As always, stop the stretch if you feel any sharp or uncomfortable pain.

2. Towel Exercises

Your neck has a natural curve, and over time this curve is lost as people spend hours looking down at smartphones. This exercise will help you restore the natural cneck and shoulder painurve in your neck, reducing cervical pain.

Grab a towel and place it behind your neck, pulling gently forward with both hands. Then, simply nod your head up and down. This cervical traction will stretch your tight neck, providing you with neck pain relief.

3.  Pillow for Neck Pain

Sometimes, the simplest changes can make the biggest difference. With neck pain, using a pillow specifically designed for neck pain can provide relief. Some pillows are too thin or too thick, and this is a problem as it puts your cervical neck at an unnatural position. This puts pressure on the disks, which causes neck pain.

best pillow for neck painI recommend cervical neck pillows specifically designed by chiropractors to treat neck pain.

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Hope these tips can provide you with neck pain relief!

-Min Young Kim